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The Mattress Has The Following Functions.


The support is better, and it can be combined according to the human structure, so that sleep is more comfortable, and it is much more comfortable than the environment of directly sleeping on a hard board.

Sleep is more balanced and stretched, because people are not flat, but curved and bumpy. With a mattress, the body weights itself during sleep. The force is more even, not like hard board sleep, some The body parts should be uncomfortable.

The air permeability is better. If there is no mattress, you can only use more bedding for comfort. The bedding becomes tighter and tighter under the pressure of the human body. If the human body sweat penetrates, the inside of the bedding is easy to become poisonous or ferment.

4: The temperature control is better, the current mattress, better technology can be achieved in winter and summer, automatic temperature storage, if there is no mattress, the summer will be really hot.

5: Mattress can optimize the quality of sleep, and it is more convenient. Mattress: Matching can make sleep deeper and more convenient. You can sleep directly with only a bed cover, and it is more convenient to clean.

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